About me

Personal Health Coaching

You found me, because you have the idea of getting rid of your back pain, regaining your old fitness, achieving more physical well-being and balance, searching for new training ideas, questioning me concerning healthy nutrition or changing your life completely? Or just simply having heard of me!
It’s my pleasure to welcome you here!


We get to know each other

You would contact me initially and decide if we meet for a first personal chat


Discussing personal goals and open questions

We take time discussing your ideas, wishes, plans and goals. Finally we decide on your personal fitness-package, analyse your daily routines and provide support where it is of the most use for you.


Pushing boundaries

Flexible and without losing time we are performing our units in your personal environment, in between business meetings, while your washing machine is running or your kids are sleeping peacefully. As time goes by you will stretch your known limits as you are patiently working on your personal strengths. Step by step we are creating an individual feel-good concept for your new life by activating your health resources!

Business & Health

The well-being of your employees is important to you? I combine my extensive experience from over 10 years of self-employment in the field of workplace health promotion with practical knowledge and the understanding of complex structures and organizations from my time as executive manager. The projects, topics and offers are diverse, adapted to your individual needs – let’s talk about them!

Health Seminars

More physical activity in the workplace, back health, smart nutrition and mindful handling of stress are my core topics. In entertaining presentations, which are in great demand currently as webinars, I offer background knowledge and, above all, a variety of practical recommendations for action.

Mindfulness and Resilience

Individual seminars or sequential modules with mindfulness-based methods and exercises, with the aim of being able to adapt better to the complex requirements of a dynamic world, while being capable of acting and remaining in one’s own sense of well-being – learn to master difficult times.

Company fitness and sports services

Back health sports, cardiovascular training outdoors, cardio in the company’s own studio, HIIT strength & power training, Pilates, Relaxation techniques or other physical activity incentives within the company’s environment ensure more balance for your employees.

Active Breaks

Whether remotely working or in the office, the lack of physical activity is increasing. Short, concise, effective, the Active Lunch Breaks ensure blood circulation, spinal mobilization, fresh oxygen transport and thus more performance. It is showing significant popularity both virtually and in presence.